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Indoor Golf Partner support work closely with the full Trackman Support team.

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IGP Simulator Maintenance Agreement

We offer a maintenance agreement with the optimal tools to maintain your simulator(s).

With an IGP Simulator Maintenance Agreement, you will be able to maintain important hardware in your simulator(s), benefit from loyalty discounts on replacement parts and more. You have the possibility to do it yourself or upgrade the subscription to also include a yearly service visit.


  • You would like the right tools to maintain your simulator(s)
  • You want to perform service according to the manufacturers’ recommendations
  • You want to minimize the risk of unforeseen bills as a result of normal use
  • You want to keep service costs down
  • You want to minimize downtime
  • You want loyalty discounts on our products
    15% on hitting screens
    15% on hitting mats (200 x 250 cm)
    5% on replacement electronics hardware
    25% for all service visits


  • IGP Simulator Maintenance Agreement 1 year: 590 EUR ex. VAT per simulator
  • Service visit upgrade for IGP Simulator Maintenance Agreement 1 year: 950 EUR ex. VAT per simulator

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